When Good Stones Bring Up Bad Feelings

One of the first things I say to my new students is, “You’re going to be bringing up your *stuff* for healing and healing doesn’t always feel good.” They don’t really believe me, but they humor me. Then, they work with a certain stone or elemental force, and their *stuff* doesn’t just come up– it hits the walls. It may be physical symptoms that arise in uncomfortable ways, emotions that surface suddenly and for-no-particular-reason, old memories resurfacing or external situations that come to a head. The first question they usually ask is, “is this really because I worked with that stone?” Yes. “Is the stone carrying negative energy? Does it need to be cleared?” No. The hard stuff you’re experiencing when working with a particular stone isn’t the stone’s negativity– it’s yours. It is old, festering, icky energy and emotional goo that has been triggered within you by the pure vibration of the stone you engaged. The stone doesn’t need to be cleared– you do. The stone is helping you with that by bringing it to the surface for you to see, smell, taste, hear and feel.

Crystals and minerals are very precise vibrational tools that act as energy markers. Each stone has a specific vibrational signature that is unique to itself. When you bring that stone into your energy field, a bunch of things happen. The nerves in your hand pick up tiny electrical impulses and transmit it through the nervous system to the brain. Your brain digs around in its filing cabinet to see what it knows about that frequency. It then throws out all kinds of information related to that specific frequency. That information may be memories, thoughts or feelings that it had associated with that frequency in the past. The association of these inner references with a particular frequency is not a science. It’s a complete accident. When you encounter a vibration for the first time, your brain automatically associates with it anything that is happening concurrently, with which it is already familiar. It doesn’t say, “Hey, what’s this new thing all about? Let’s explore its true essence!” Heck no! It says, “What the heck is that? Oh well, let’s just say it’s related to this other thing over here.” And, that’s that. That’s also why you can’t say that a certain stone is going to cause the same effects for everyone. Everyone has different content stored around those frequencies. It is a highly subjective experience.

The vibration of the chemical elements in the stone vibrate those same chemical elements within your body, through the mechanisms of the law of resonance. This changes the vibrations your brain and heart are picking up, and can trigger biochemical shifts in your body in response. This is a much more precise reaction, because we have a pretty good understanding of how the chemical elements can act upon and within the human body, through both allopathic and homeopathic applications. This can create temporary physical symptoms that can be both unpleasant and uncomfortable at times, but are clear indicators of where imbalances lie in the energy system.

The energy with which the stone oscillates can also affect the chakras. Each of the primary seven chakras (in the modern system) also correlates to a major nerve plexus in the body. Each of these nerve plexi is hooked into various parts of the autonomic nervous system, which control different systems, bits and bobs in the body. Sudden changes in the frequency and amplitude of energy moving through the nervous system creates very sudden changes on a physical level, as anyone who has had the twitches and jerks on a healing table can tell you.

Unfortunately, many people have been taught that when a stone brings up your hard stuff or creates unpleasant physical symptoms, it is because that stone is somehow carrying “bad vibes”. It actually is very rarely the case. It takes a lot of high amplitude energy to knock a stone off of its normal base resonant frequency. It is much more likely that the stone is hitting your junk square in the trunk, but you can benefit from this experience if you are mindful of what is happening.

Protocol for *stuff* hitting the wall:

  1. Don’t try to make the discomfort stop. If you feel like crap, sit with that, be mindful of it, journal about it and inform yourself of what is arising.
  2. Put the stone aside for 24 hours, then come back to it. Don’t use other stones in the meantime– they’ll just confuse the process. Sit with the stone again, and notice if more information/experience arises. Journal it. You’ve got to keep track of what the stones bring up for you, or you will lose track and the whole point of the exercise is wasted.
  3. If you are very symptomatic (physically, emotionally, mentally, etc.), then don’t carry the stone with you. Give yourself space to integrate and be aware.
  4. Continue with steps 1-3 for at least 3 days, or until you no longer experience the symptoms.

And, if you’re really ready to dig into your stuff and heal it, then you might want to try approaching stones that repel you. If you have a stone, or see one in a store, that makes you go “Yuck!”, pick it up and work with it. It isn’t the stone that’s making you go “Yuck!”, it’s the stuff inside you that the vibration is hitting. Instead of saying, “Oh My God! That stone is possessed by the devil!”, try saying, “Wow, that stone is hitting my *stuff*!”. Then, work with it. Get to know your stuff. It’s the only way to heal.

Of course, you should always clear a stone when you first receive it into your life and after you’ve put it in a position of being exposed to very loud energy– such as an emotional release. Sound is the most effective way to quickly and easily clear multiple stones at once.

15 thoughts on “When Good Stones Bring Up Bad Feelings”

  1. Thank you for the great article! I had some negatives reactions to Lepidolite a few months ago, it got fairly intense. I was angry, crying, and restless, but thank God not all at the same time. I couldn’t take it, so I put it away. After reading your article I think it’s time for me to give it another try! 🙂

  2. OMG, This article is just too shocking. This is because of the experience I had the night breaking yesterday and today. I have been having some deep outburst over issues for some years now, getting angry and feeling really bitter, sometimes for such a minor thing. I knew this was not me. I used to wonder how people get angry before now. So, when I started reading about stone, I came across Howlite and how it can deal with anger. I was happy, believing the anger that took over me has come to an end. I bought howlite, put it under my pillow and slept with it. Meanwhile, for some time now, I have been suffering from severe headache which my GP says does not have any cause, we just could not know why I was having the headache.
    On the first day I slept with the Howlite under my pillow, I woke up with terrible headache, and while I was wondering what could have brought the headache, it was like I saw a vision, but in my head, I just remembered all the evil things my husband has done to me, the ones he did many years ago and the recent ones. How he went to our home country and sold our family house without telling me and our 3 children, how he hid a camera in the house videoing me naked and I caught him, how he insult my relations and calling them all my manner of insulent names and many others. This thoughts kept replaying in my head, one after the other. I thought I was going mad. I removed the stone and began to clean it, I started cleaning all my stones. I wore one stone after the other, thinking I must have used the wrong stone. I managed to endure all these experience the whole of that yesterday. However, I decided to sleep with the same howlite yesterday night again and I woke up with the same experienc. Then I decided to pray asking God to show me what could be the cause of what I was experiencing.
    Some how, I decided to go through face book, then I came across a woman who had similar problem with a particular stone, though not as serious as mine, she asked other users on face book what could be the cause of her experience. Some one responded and sent her a link to this article. I quickly clicked into the link to go through the article. This article just gave me the answer I was looking for concerning what I experienced yesterday and today. I am really grateful for the writer of this article and the Insight I have gained in this article. Thank you, I appreciate

  3. This makes a lot of sense and this information is resonating with me. I also really appreciate the vocal tuning stone articles and video. There are so much to crystals that I did not know before. I really love that you are passionate about this.

    have a beautiful day

  4. Hey! Can working with stones affect situations with other people who don’t believe in/ utilize stones?

    1. Yes. Anytime you are within about 24′ of another person (that’s FEET, not inches!), your electromagnetic fields interact through the physical law of resonance and information is exchanged. It’s been clinically shown that the brain of a person in a less coherent state will take commands from the heart signals of a person in a more coherent state. This changes everything from biochemistry to the way they perceive their world and process information through their nervous system. So, if you are using a crystal (using it meaning consciously resonating with it– not just carrying it around), it will help your energy to become more coherent (again, shown through clinical experiments using EKG and EEG testing). This then has an effect on others around you through the connections outlined above. Whether they “believe in” stones or not is irrelevant, as belief isn’t required. This does not mean, however, that the stone is going to do their work for them. In order to really get the benefit of a crystal you need to consciously engage it. So, you can’t “sneak heal” someone else using crystals. You may have an effect on them, but that doesn’t mean they’ll actually learn from it or heal from it.

      1. I am very new to working with stones, and though I am trying to learn to ‘use’ them, I’m sure they end up just being carried around my neck right now. In my pouch, I have tourmaline and amethyst… I got the tourmaline specifically to help me with this situation with this person. For about a week, I felt very in control of my emotions and the situation wasn’t volatile, then yesterday, out of nowhere, the other person erupted with venom and hostility… and I responded the same. Poor use of the crystal, or poor self-control?

  5. Finally someone who knows who the human mind and emotions really work. Infact ..How healing works..

    I remember I bought “Green Fluorite” and as soon as I would wear it I my legs will start to pain and I would be running toward toilet alot..It was as if the stone was detoxifying me.

    I stopped using it for few days and then gave it a another try. I did feel for few days but now I am okay

    1. Yes diarrhea is a common side effect of crystals as they purge toxins. With Green Fluorite its also common to get a lot of mucus in the head area as well as its a stone of both the heart and also mental clarity and focus. It does a lot of clearing there. I hope in addition however you are also getting the lovely nature vibe and mental clarity that Green Fluorite brings along with the crazy improved eye site. I feel like I have superman vision when I use it 🙂

  6. Today has been a difficult day, was thinking about how I was afraid of certain stones’ effects in my life. Found this article and the first two stones mentioned in the comments were the ones I has in mind. Thank you for this article it was extremely helpful.

    Now I’m more grateful for what these stones mean & how they will heal myself & the people who I love.

    Thank you.

  7. So ok I thought I was crazy because I was carrying a Rose Quartz stone yesterday in my pocket because it was Valentine’s Day and I wanted to get in the spirit and it made me feel the complete opposite! I felt absolutely terrible all day. I took the stone out of my pocket and put it in my shirt and I felt the negativity move to that part of my body. It almost made it worst. Finally I didn’t want to carry it anymore and put it in my coat pocket and what do you know….it was such a relief!!!! I’m so happy I came across this blog because now I understand and know how to handle the situation. Thank you!!!

  8. I bought my husband an amethyst for our anniversary. I read him the blog and gave him encouragement before opening his most feared stone. He doesn’t seem very open minded about it and told me it gives him anxiety. He took it out of the house and told me not to bring it back. How do I get him past his fear ?
    I believe he needs the stone more than ever in his life.

    1. Hi Tara;
      I would not recommend trying to get your husband to use the stone if he is not willing to approach it. It’s not a magic pill that will fix things for him. It’s an energy tool that he needs to be consciously engaged with. If he’s not able to be consciously engaged with the stone, it won’t do him any good. I’d let him come around to it on his own or use other stones he’s comfortable with.

  9. This is the first time I came across this subject. Years ago, I lived in a house in Brooklyn, NY. We had a decent backyard and an above-ground pool. There was a 6- story apartment building behind the yard. I would find the most incredible stuff thrown into the pool (besides the occasional beer can). One day I was in the pool and stepped on a large rock on the bottom. It was about 10″x5″. I didn’t know what it was, but found out it was a huge chunk of rose quartz! I kept that crystal for years, always displayed it, thought it was beautiful. But many things in my life started to go wrong. I became divorced, got involved with drugs, started having financial issues. I got remarried, moved to another state. My husband, who had epilepsy, was getting worse by the day. One day I just picked up that crystal and took a walk into some woods and buried it. It took awhile, but climbed out of the financial/emotional hole I was in. I have a complete aversion to rose quartz.

  10. PS…I just recently found a small piece of rose quartz on the floor in my house. I put it on my dresser and pick it up now and then.

  11. Thank u so much for writing this article. Ystrdy I bought a black tourmaline with mica since then I was feeling low and crying since then. Now I understood what it is doing to me. Over the year I have buried my emotions in raising two kids and daily househlod chores. Also I buried some unwanted memeories with no clear explaination or apologies from ppl who caused them. Having panic attacks and anxiety attacks so searched the internet and found this magical black tourmaline and bought it.I want my inner self to regain its happiness and peace. Let’s see what this stone have for me in future

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