Stop charging your crystals. Clear them instead.

So, here’s a shocker. I don’t believe in charging crystals. In fact, I believe that if you have to charge your crystals it is an indicator that you are not clearing them effectively. I know, I know, we’re all taught to put our crystals out in sunlight and moonlight in order to “charge” them if they’ve become “depleted”. I used to do it. In fact, I used to teach it. Here’s why I don’t do it, or teach it, any longer.

Crystals are electromagnetic oscillators. To put it simply, an oscillator is something that releases regular pulses of energy, or something that moves back and forth in response to energy. So, crystals regularly vibrate or pulse with energy they receive from an external source. That source is most frequently the Earth. A crystal will naturally vibrate with its particular frequency set that is contained within the rainbow of energy that is the Earth’s light body (its electromagnetic field).

We are taught that crystals are like sponges– absorbing energy until they are filled, then releasing energy until they run out; hence, the concept of needing to “charge” them. But, crystals are not sponges. Sponges are not oscillators. Crystals have a continuous, uninterrupted flow of energy to draw upon, as long as they are vibrating at their natural frequency.

However, crystals can be shifted from vibrating at their natural frequency through exposure to energies that are of a higher amplitude (stronger) than the energy field of the Earth. This could be anything from the energy coming from a client’s emotional release during a healing session, to the EMF of a computer or other electronic device that has been sitting too near the stone. When the crystal vibrates with energies that are not quite the same as its natural energy, it moves “out of tune” with the Earth. Think of a radio that gets knocked slightly off station, so that other stations start interfering with its reception. This can create a murky, confusing, icky listening experience. In the case of crystals, it can cause it to not receive energy from the Earth as well as it does when it is on its natural “radio station” or base resonant frequency.

Crystals that are not tuned to their natural receiving frequency are not going to be able to oscillate as well. In order to return them to their natural resonant frequency, they need to be cleared, not charged. Charging a crystal that is depleted because it is not picking up the right channel is like turning up a badly tuned radio. It doesn’t fix the problem.

Clearing is not a process of removing negativity from a crystal. It is a process of returning the crystal to its natural base resonant frequency, to ensure it is able to take in as much energy through the Earth’s EMF as it is used to doing . If a stone is properly cleared, there is absolutely no reason to have to charge it.

So, how do you clear a crystal to reset it back to its base resonant frequency?

Sound is the most effective tool to use in clearing crystals and stones.

Sound is a mechanical energy caused by the movement of energy through the air. The highest sound frequency is about 60 octaves below the lowest light frequency. Sound is not light and light is not sound. This is of benefit in clearing crystals, because we want to be sure to apply an energy to the stone that will vibrate it just enough to cause it to stop resonating with whatever had moved it “off channel”, but not of a frequency set that is going to cause more interference with the stone’s ability to return to its natural vibratory range.

Because sound is a physical energy, it is very good at shaking things up. Think of that car that drives by with the stereo blasting until your windows rattle, or the power in the sound of thunder, or a great concert. Sound vibration can physically vibrate matter, but once that sound is gone, the matter will return to its natural vibrational level.

It doesn’t even matter much what sound is used to clear your crystals, as long as it is LOUD. The reason the frequency doesn’t really matter is that the stone isn’t going to move into resonance with the sound vibration anyway. It can’t, because light is not sound and sound is not light. Crystals vibrate with light. You are just using the sound energy to “shake up” the stone so that it will return to its natural frequency set. High amplitude (loudness or strength) sound will cause stronger vibrations with more immediate effects. I personally use the practice of vocal toning to clear my stones. The benefit of vocal toning is that I can feel when the stones have cleared, as I’ll be moved to respond by changing the pitch of my voice. You can also use drums, singing bowls, gongs, or any other loud source of sound.

Using sound vibration to clear your crystals means that you can clear an entire table of stones in the same period of time that you can clear a single stone. Sound is also almost foolproof. If you produce a loud sound for a couple of  minutes, it will clear your stones. Period.

Once your crystals have been cleared, they will begin recharging themselves using their natural channel of attunement with the Earth. It’s clean, it’s easy, it’s cheap and it’s effective. And, it’s reproduce-able and doesn’t require a belief system to power it. I love easy, elegant techniques that work!

So, next time your stones are feeling “depleted”, try clearing them for a few minutes with a strong sound vibration. They’ll thank you for it!


So, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about playing a stereo loudly at your stones to clear them, so I thought I ought to address that here, rather than answering them all individually.

While it is theoretically possibe that you can play your stereo loudly to clear your stones, it is not best practice. Here’s why:

1) It’s a dishwasher method. Have you ever taken your dishes out of the dishwasher and had nasty, baked on crap left on them? Well, using your stereo to clear your stones is a “dishwasher” method. Different stones will require different amounts of clearing. The baked on cheese from your lasagna pan is going to require a little more cleansing than the spoon you used to stir your tea. It’s the same with your stones. What clears some, may not clear others. The detergent you use in your dishwasher is similar to the music you’re using to clear your stones. Some music is better than others. So, what music do I play on my stereo to clear my stones? I don’t. I use vocal toning or another, more responsive and less diswasher-like method.

2) It’s a non-responsive method. How do you know how long to play the stereo, or what at which amplitude to play it in order to clear your stones? You don’t. Playing your stereo at your stones is a non-responsive method. That means that the music and amplitude do not change to signal to you when the clearing is done. This is because you are not involved in the process. You’ve just turned on the dishwasher and walked away– expecting it to do the work for you.

When you use a responsive method (such as vocal toning, playing a drum or bowl gong or crystal bowl, etcl) you will be guided to stop when you feel they are clear, because you are participating in the process. This is really important, because of #3…

3) It perpetuates the crystal slave/ master paradigm. This paradigm is wildly popular and has primarily arisen out of the old age way we’ve been using stones. This paradigm says you are the master, the crystal is the slave. It’s purpose is to do what you tell it to do, and you do not need to engage it, learn from it, or build relationship with it. I know that no one likes to believe that they are acting in this way, but this “benevolent master” attitude pervades most prescriptive stone work and any unconscious engagement with stones. Playing your stereo at them to clear them is an unconscious engagement.

So, while theoretically it could be done, it is not the way to go.

Much love!

Here’s a video on youtube that shows you how to use vocal toning to clear your crystals:

132 thoughts on “Stop charging your crystals. Clear them instead.”

  1. Loved this article. Thank you so much for clearing this up. I have felt for a long time that charging crystals was a waste of time. Now I know how to clear them instead I’ll be doing that.

  2. I’ve never been much of a cleansing advocate, as who can say they don’t just take care of whatever’s needed in this regard themselves. I do like your idea of using sound to reset them to what I think of “factory standards”. My personal preference is drumming, which feels in keeping with my personal shamanic practices. Thanks for this, Naisha. I’m 100% there.

  3. Thank You for this article. Does this also apply to primary grids that I have usually charged with Primus, prior to building? Should these crystals, in the primary grid, also be cleared instead of charged?

      1. Oh: good. I thought programing, and charging, were the same. Then I have never charged a crystal before, only programmed them, and I wont start now 🙂 Thank You for that clarification.

      2. So when I play my bowls within, or even outside of my Primary Grid, I am clearing the Primus Program, and I should reprogram the grid after I Play, is that correct?

      3. Hi Chano;
        The sound clearing I’ve discussed here is for stones that have been knocked off their normal frequency through incidental exposure to other energies (such as during a healing session or accidental exposure). Programmed stones are a different case. While NO program is permanent and the crystals will lose their program over time, your Primus programmed crystals will retain their program because you are doing your Primus meditation inside the grid consistently. That also means you don’t really need to clear the space inside the grid unless something heinous happens. The same is true of your elemental programmed quartz. Programs are more intentional and more powerful than accidental energy misalignment, and therefor require more concerted intention to clear.

      4. Am I constantly deprogramming the crystals in my healing room I have gridded with six med. quartz points and programmed them with Primus energy? I have a table in the middle and frequently use this room. To keep the energy pure and alight with light energy (it has wonderful energy) I often play a singing bowl or a drum in the room. If this is the case, is there any kind of a solution? Hoping I’m confused or stupid.

      5. Hi Virginia;
        The sound clearing I’ve discussed here is for stones that have been knocked off their normal frequency through incidental exposure to other energies (such as during a healing session or accidental exposure). Programmed stones are a different case. While NO program is permanent and the crystals will lose their program over time, your Primus programmed crystals will retain their program because you are doing your Primus meditation inside the grid consistently. That also means you don’t really need to clear the space inside the grid unless something heinous happens. The same is true of your elemental programmed quartz. Programs are more intentional and more powerful than accidental energy misalignment, and therefor require more concerted intention to clear.

      1. You’re very welcome Naisha Ahsian. Sending bright Reiki blessings your way. Namaste

  4. This makes a lot of sense to me. I have always had a problem with the old way of cleansing and charging.. Thank you ❤

  5. wonderful article. Can you help me with a question though please? I am not clear on the type of sound to use. For example can you turn on the radio and play a favorite song loudly? Or sing a favorite song loudly? Or is it a particular type of sound only that will work? Can you provide more sound ideas. I don’t have drums. Thank you!

    1. Hi Christina. The type of sound doesn’t matter so much, as the stone isn’t going to resonate with the sound frequency, it is only going to be used to “shake up” the internal structure of the stone so that it can reset. With that said, however, it is best to use vocal toning if you can, as your tone will shift when the stones are clear, so that you know. You can use music loudly, but it is much more personal and effective to be involved in the process.

    1. I put my tumble stones in the singing bowl then play the bowl using the vibration to cleans and charge, if I’m short of time other wise I put crystals and tumbles out in moonlight to charge having cleanse them ,
      I will also ask the crystal if it will work with me on what ever I’m doing or what I need to use it for ,xxx Bev

      1. The only problem with the bowl method, Beverly, is that softer stones can actually break from the intense vibration inside the bowl. It’s safer to use your bowl over the stones, rather than placing the stones in it. Moonlight doesn’t do anything to cleanse stones, though its a nice ritual to show appreciation for them. 🙂

    1. Hi Safiyyah! Some stones are water soluble, so you want to to be careful of that. Also, water can contain other colloidal minerals, which can then attach to the crystal surface (especially calcium or iron), which can discolor it or otherwise change its appearance (though not really its energy). Using very cold water on a pyroelectric mineral (such as the quartz family), could cause it to release a small electrical charge, which does clear it. So, it can be used, but it’s not ideal. 🙂

    1. It is best to do the clearing using vocal toning, drumming, tingsha bells, singing bowls or bowl gongs, etc., rather than relying on playing music on a stereo. 🙂

    1. Tuning forks can work, Patty, by placing the butt of the tuning fork on the stone itself. This is not particularly safe if your stone has a lot of internal fractures or is very soft, as the vibration can break the stone. The amplitude of tuning forks may also not be enough to really clear them if they are just sounded over the stones.

  6. Hi Naisha,great article. I have always cleansed/charged with a group do 6 satin spar selenite wands put together. Would you explain how to do vocal toning please.

    1. HI Maureen;
      I’m going to do a video on it shortly and will post that link here. It would be a very lengthy explanation posted here. In my experience, Selenite is not very effective at clearing other stones. There is nothing in its chemical makeup or structure that would make it a general cleanser. You might want to augment their use with another clearing method to ensure they get cleared. The original “selenite clears other stones” information was market driven (In other words, they wanted to sell a lot of selenite).

  7. My preferred method of clearing crystals or spaces has always been with tingshas, the sound changes as they clear so this certainly resonates with me.
    I pkace new crystals directly on the earth for a couple of hours so they can retune when thry first arrive, I rarely charge them as such.
    Thank you Naisha

  8. Hi! Would you recommend clearing beads made from natural crystals prior to using them for other purposes? I’ve started studying crystals and want to use them to assist my own healing and balancing work, so I’m going to make bracelets with the beads. Do I need to clear the beads before I start creating jewelry with them, since I’m, going to be wearing them on my person? This was an interesting article – and thank you for the information!

  9. No one has mentioned the use of a piano. I have tried this, having all my crystals lined up on the piano, as I go up and down the whole keyboard several times, pausing to let the sound resonate at the end each time, until it’s silent, before going back the other way. What are your feelings on this method?

  10. Hello, very new to the world of crystals and just purchased my first one (a selenite palm stone from Amazon) about 2 weeks ago. My first meditation session with it was awesome. I had set aside 30 minutes to meditate and the time flew by as if it had only been 15 minutes.

    I have read so many different recommendations on how to care for it. Some say that selenite doesn’t need charging while others say sunlight and others moonlight. I have read your blog and your honesty and practicality very much impresses me so whatever you recommend I will follow. How should I care for my stone and what advice would you give to a newbie like myself on starting their spiritual journey with crystals? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Ja. As long as you clear your stone occaisionally using sound vibration, it really doesn’t need to be “charged”– it will charge itself from the Earth’s energy field. “Programming” is when you put a specific intention into a stone, so it’s not a part of caring for the stone, but is rather a way for you to use the stone as a constant prayer generator. In general, programming is not necessary and should only be done for general prayers for humanity, rather than personal desires.

  11. What if I decide to use 528 Hz the healing frequency or the Hz for clearing negative energy while I am listening to it while clearing the stone?

  12. I would think as long as your are actively participating by playing any instrument as long as it isn’t electrical in nature would work ? Flute , recorder, harmonica, singing, humming, drumming, piano etc . I would think anything that you could improvise as a drum should work too ?

  13. What about clearing in salt? And are therestines or crystals that clear others? If so, which ones?

    (forgive me for not searching from this tiny phone, without Internet)

    1. Hi Ellen. Salt crystals can scratch softer stones, and salt in water can dissolve or damage softer stones. Also, it’s hard to know how long to leave them in, etc. Sound is really the most reliable way to clear them.

  14. Thank you for making the youtube video 🙂 It was very informative and helped me to embrace vocal toning for my crystals.

  15. I play electric Bass guitar, electric guitar and djembas. Would any of these work? Am I better off with using the djembas? Also, my mom wants me to clear her crystals. Is it ok for me to clear someone else’s crystals? Thank you

    1. Hi Michelle;
      Drums would work best, so the Djembes would be the best bet. It’s fine for you to clear other people’s crystals if they ask.
      Again, the only problem is going to be how to know when they are clear? Using vocal toning is much better in this respect, but if you have a good ear, you should be able to hear the tone change in the drum when the stones shift.
      In light,

  16. has anyone came across a book/chart of what frequencies certain crystals resonate on? in Hz or kHz? I am aware of low and high vibrational crystals, but I am more interested in the numbers. I have read somewhere, that In the 1920’s it was discovered that quartz crystals resonate at 32,768 khz. so that just raised so many questions……please help. thank you 😉 Zita

    1. Hi Zita;
      Unfortunately, you’re not going to have much luck with this one, as there is no single frequency for a mineral species. The frequency is very much going to depend upon the individual stone tested. Different specimens of the same species will resonate with different frequencies as evidenced by the use of clear quartz crystals of various lengths to receive various frequency radio broadcasts. How someone tests to determine the frequency of a stone is also going to influence the outcome.

    2. There is no standard frequency for each stone type, Zita. Each and every stone is going to vibrate at a different frequency depending on its size and form. This is why quartz crystals of different sizes were used to pick up different frequencies in crystal radios. 🙂

    3. Hello all!!! This is a great article and one I am exploring as an alternative to “clearing” crystals the old fashioned way. Sound is very effective!

      Zita ~ A while back I ran across a page while searching for sound healing frequencies. One of the tones 2675hz is described as “The Crystal Resonator”. Here is a link:

  17. Thank you so very much for sharing this information, I have some time’s used my small singing bowl, but wasn’t sure how long to do it for,and I have a pair of maraca instruments 900×900, can these be used also? I have mooned them all now and then., As some crystals like selenite, are no good in water or damp whether out doors and need cleansing from inside the home.. I love all of my crystals, almost obsessed with them, 🙂 My question is now, which ones need the most attention to cleans please, I wish I could feel their energy, some people can literally, I just know they work, as my Amethyst and Aquamarine are great for keeping you calm.

    1. Hi Helena. There is no correct time period that will ensure your stones are clear. It truly depends on the stone and what they’ve been exposed to. You’ll need to cultivate your ability to sense energies and trust your intuition to be able to determine that. The singing bowl may be of sufficient amplitude to help with the clearing, but it isn’t as responsive as the voice. There are a lot of opinions on which stones need more clearing and which ones never need clearing. Contrary to popular teachings, Selenite does not clear other stones and it does require clearing itself if exposed to strong energies. Again, the best thing you can do is to train yourself in your connection with teh stones and learn to trust your intuition. That is how the stones work best. 🙂

  18. Thank you. I have been saying for over 2 decades crystals do not need to be charged. They grow buried deep in the earth, they never had access to sun or moon energy in all that time, yet they come up perfectly in tune, why would they suddenly need those energies now?

    Will be sharing this article.

  19. Hi Naisha, would placing my stones inside a crystal bowl, then running my finger around the edge to get it ‘singing’ work?

    1. Hi June;
      It would depend on the stone, the bowl and the amplitude. You’ll need to check in with your stone to see if it’s cleared. There is no one formula to ensure that stones are cleared. 🙂

  20. I just bury my stones in natural earth for a day as far from electrical or manmade plumbing as possible. Perferably near a natural stream. I have never needed to charge them or clear them…..

  21. I found the ‘Sound is not Light’ part confusing. If sound can change/interrupt the electro-magnetic frequency, then why can’t light? Neither one of them have magnetic properties?

    1. Stephanie, light is the electro-magnetic force – one of the four known forces in physics– and is carried by photons. Sound is not electromagnetic energy (light) nor is it a force. It is a mechanical effect of energy on air. it is the movement of the energy through the air that creates the sound waves. So, they are fundamentally different energies.

  22. I have many wind chimes one is what my husband calls the big church bell, lol my crystals are always nearby them does that work as well.

  23. Hiya ive recently just started getting into this whole crystal thing. I have brought my first crystals. Is there anything specific i should be doing ? Someone told me i should carry them in my pocket for the first 3 days and also sleep with them for the first 3 days… Is that right ?

    1. Izabela, the best way to start working with your stones is to hold them while you meditate. IT is important to work consciously with your crystals (sleeping with them and carrying them are unconscious methods).

  24. Hi there Naisha,
    I have an interesting question.
    I have a moderately diverse collection of rose quartz and amethyst crystals, petrified wood, obsidian shards and arrowheads, sea shells, dolomite crystals, mocci balls and more, displayed on my turntable stereo in my room. Each stone and crystal has been subjected to years of all types of music. I’ve never moved them more than a couple feet, besides occaisionally taking them outside to meditate or hike. I have never believed in charging them, their vibration comes from deep within the earth and shouldn’t need light to charge. Until recently, i never felt any change in vibration. They’ve started feeling noticeably negative and it’s reflecting on my life and habits. Could it be that keeping them on the speakers of my stereo has thrown them off balance? Or should playing hip hop, jazz and easy listening for them, theoretically be a good thing?

    1. Hi Nathaniel;
      Stones can only “turn” negative if they are exposed to energy that is carrying negative intent or difficult emotional imprints that effect you in a way you perceive as negative. Generally, it takes a lot to shift a stone off of its natural base resonant frequency. Since all of these are different types of stones and they don’t all vibrate at the same rate, there is something they are being exposed to that is significantly loud and has a negative intent or emotional pattern. I would remove them, clear each one intentionally with vocal toning and give them some love. 🙂

  25. Your article makes perfect sense!! I only became a crystal convert about six months ago and had AMAZING experiences with several different crystals (after clearing) on the first night sleeping with them, but those experiences were a one-time deal. I did the sea salt in water ritual once earlier this summer under a full moon, and my Campo del Cielo tektite (in a multi-stone pendant) left a layer of rust on everything around it. Ugh!! Now my collection has grown significantly, and the Selenite does not seem to be doing anything. Thanks so much for the information, Naisha!! I am already pursuing the sound clearing method, which is how I found your wonderful blog. Blessings! ❤

  26. I needed to know if it is okay to have my crystals in any room where electronics are? As I literally dont have a separate room in my home that doesnt have some sort of electronic in it. How often will I have to clear my crystals because of this?

    1. Hi Kris. Its ok to have your crystals in a room where there are electronics and it won’t affect them that much. However, many types of quartz amplify EMFs and so the danger is not really to your stone but to you. It is a good idea to unplug your electronics at the source when they aren’t being used to keep unhealthy electronically generated EMFs to a minimum.

  27. A rose quartz necklace recently came to me and I consulted the Crystal Ally Cards about its meaning. What a gift to receive a reminder of the Divine Love!

    I could feel the crystal needed to be cleared so I googled the topic. I skimmed over several titles before selecting this blog. It wasn’t until I finished the article that I realized you had written it!

    Thank you for your resonant insights.

    Pun intended 🙂

  28. Hi ya, I’ve been trying this technique now for about a 2 weeks. The first time the crystals felt powerful, but after that no matter how much I cleansed them they didn’t feel the same. After clearing them, do they need time to recharge on their own, or can you use them immediately, or am I missing something hehe? Thanks for the help

  29. Being as crystals are found in the earth I would think a deep hum would suffice if you are opposed to burying them for awhile. I am sometimes deeply saddened when I consider how crystals are mined, and consider them a huge blessing when they come to me. By the time they get to me they often need a rest (my opinion), I give that to them before calling on their energy for my use.

  30. IS there such thing as bad crystal? or bad crystal combinations? I am a newbie in this and am just combining for a bracelet. Hope you can help me.

    1. Greetings;
      NO! There is no such thing as a “bad crystal” and there are no “bad” crystal combinations. I suggest you use crystals individually at first, in order to learn how they work with you. You can do this by sitting with a crystal in meditation, then noticing what arises over the following 24 hours. When you combine a lot of crystals without having worked with them individually first, you aren’t going to know which stone is having which effect. If a particular stone brings up your *stuff*, you won’t know which one it is and so won’t be able to work with it mindfully to clear your *stuff*.

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