Stop charging your crystals. Clear them instead.

So, here’s a shocker. I don’t believe in charging crystals. In fact, I believe that if you have to charge your crystals it is an indicator that you are not clearing them effectively. I know, I know, we’re all taught to put our crystals out in sunlight and moonlight in order to “charge” them if they’ve become “depleted”. I used to do it. In fact, I used to teach it. Here’s why I don’t do it, or teach it, any longer.

Crystals are electromagnetic oscillators. To put it simply, an oscillator is something that releases regular pulses of energy, or something that moves back and forth in response to energy. So, crystals regularly vibrate or pulse with energy they receive from an external source. That source is most frequently the Earth. A crystal will naturally vibrate with its particular frequency set that is contained within the rainbow of energy that is the Earth’s light body (its electromagnetic field).

We are taught that crystals are like sponges– absorbing energy until they are filled, then releasing energy until they run out; hence, the concept of needing to “charge” them. But, crystals are not sponges. Sponges are not oscillators. Crystals have a continuous, uninterrupted flow of energy to draw upon, as long as they are vibrating at their natural frequency.

However, crystals can be shifted from vibrating at their natural frequency through exposure to energies that are of a higher amplitude (stronger) than the energy field of the Earth. This could be anything from the energy coming from a client’s emotional release during a healing session, to the EMF of a computer or other electronic device that has been sitting too near the stone. When the crystal vibrates with energies that are not quite the same as its natural energy, it moves “out of tune” with the Earth. Think of a radio that gets knocked slightly off station, so that other stations start interfering with its reception. This can create a murky, confusing, icky listening experience. In the case of crystals, it can cause it to not receive energy from the Earth as well as it does when it is on its natural “radio station” or base resonant frequency.

Crystals that are not tuned to their natural receiving frequency are not going to be able to oscillate as well. In order to return them to their natural resonant frequency, they need to be cleared, not charged. Charging a crystal that is depleted because it is not picking up the right channel is like turning up a badly tuned radio. It doesn’t fix the problem.

Clearing is not a process of removing negativity from a crystal. It is a process of returning the crystal to its natural base resonant frequency, to ensure it is able to take in as much energy through the Earth’s EMF as it is used to doing . If a stone is properly cleared, there is absolutely no reason to have to charge it.

So, how do you clear a crystal to reset it back to its base resonant frequency?

Sound is the most effective tool to use in clearing crystals and stones.

Sound is a mechanical energy caused by the movement of energy through the air. The highest sound frequency is about 60 octaves below the lowest light frequency. Sound is not light and light is not sound. This is of benefit in clearing crystals, because we want to be sure to apply an energy to the stone that will vibrate it just enough to cause it to stop resonating with whatever had moved it “off channel”, but not of a frequency set that is going to cause more interference with the stone’s ability to return to its natural vibratory range.

Because sound is a physical energy, it is very good at shaking things up. Think of that car that drives by with the stereo blasting until your windows rattle, or the power in the sound of thunder, or a great concert. Sound vibration can physically vibrate matter, but once that sound is gone, the matter will return to its natural vibrational level.

It doesn’t even matter much what sound is used to clear your crystals, as long as it is LOUD. The reason the frequency doesn’t really matter is that the stone isn’t going to move into resonance with the sound vibration anyway. It can’t, because light is not sound and sound is not light. Crystals vibrate with light. You are just using the sound energy to “shake up” the stone so that it will return to its natural frequency set. High amplitude (loudness or strength) sound will cause stronger vibrations with more immediate effects. I personally use the practice of vocal toning to clear my stones. The benefit of vocal toning is that I can feel when the stones have cleared, as I’ll be moved to respond by changing the pitch of my voice. You can also use drums, singing bowls, gongs, or any other loud source of sound.

Using sound vibration to clear your crystals means that you can clear an entire table of stones in the same period of time that you can clear a single stone. Sound is also almost foolproof. If you produce a loud sound for a couple of  minutes, it will clear your stones. Period.

Once your crystals have been cleared, they will begin recharging themselves using their natural channel of attunement with the Earth. It’s clean, it’s easy, it’s cheap and it’s effective. And, it’s reproduce-able and doesn’t require a belief system to power it. I love easy, elegant techniques that work!

So, next time your stones are feeling “depleted”, try clearing them for a few minutes with a strong sound vibration. They’ll thank you for it!


So, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about playing a stereo loudly at your stones to clear them, so I thought I ought to address that here, rather than answering them all individually.

While it is theoretically possibe that you can play your stereo loudly to clear your stones, it is not best practice. Here’s why:

1) It’s a dishwasher method. Have you ever taken your dishes out of the dishwasher and had nasty, baked on crap left on them? Well, using your stereo to clear your stones is a “dishwasher” method. Different stones will require different amounts of clearing. The baked on cheese from your lasagna pan is going to require a little more cleansing than the spoon you used to stir your tea. It’s the same with your stones. What clears some, may not clear others. The detergent you use in your dishwasher is similar to the music you’re using to clear your stones. Some music is better than others. So, what music do I play on my stereo to clear my stones? I don’t. I use vocal toning or another, more responsive and less diswasher-like method.

2) It’s a non-responsive method. How do you know how long to play the stereo, or what at which amplitude to play it in order to clear your stones? You don’t. Playing your stereo at your stones is a non-responsive method. That means that the music and amplitude do not change to signal to you when the clearing is done. This is because you are not involved in the process. You’ve just turned on the dishwasher and walked away– expecting it to do the work for you.

When you use a responsive method (such as vocal toning, playing a drum or bowl gong or crystal bowl, etcl) you will be guided to stop when you feel they are clear, because you are participating in the process. This is really important, because of #3…

3) It perpetuates the crystal slave/ master paradigm. This paradigm is wildly popular and has primarily arisen out of the old age way we’ve been using stones. This paradigm says you are the master, the crystal is the slave. It’s purpose is to do what you tell it to do, and you do not need to engage it, learn from it, or build relationship with it. I know that no one likes to believe that they are acting in this way, but this “benevolent master” attitude pervades most prescriptive stone work and any unconscious engagement with stones. Playing your stereo at them to clear them is an unconscious engagement.

So, while theoretically it could be done, it is not the way to go.

Much love!

Here’s a video on youtube that shows you how to use vocal toning to clear your crystals:

132 thoughts on “Stop charging your crystals. Clear them instead.”

  1. Hello Naisha, I am new on this journey with Crystals some how I’ve been drawn to them. (I think I always have thinking back to my childhood) But just now some how felt the need to work with them. I have done intensive research plus getting advise from the seller of my Crystals from cleansing, charging and programming. None of it has felt right. Till I read your blog. What got me the most was the part of programming for personal intentions. Doesn’t each Crystal come already with its natural energy to help you if needed? Thats what I felt but still I figure they know more then me am I right? Sorry also have a few questions. I have quit a few Crystals. The one that I have felt the most drawn to is Selenite. Not sure why but it’s the only one I feel like a tingle when I touch it. I don’t feel the energy of the other ones or if I do I haven’t been able to recognize it. You said to work with one Crystal at a time. Can you give me some advise on the other Crystals should I put them in a pouch or bowl together and slowly start working with each one individually? Also should I clear them with the voice tone all together first? My next question is I got a Quartz energy generator as recommended by seller it’s a Quartz pyrimad in the center with four Quartz points. She advise me to put it on top of some kyanite and carnelian to charge and recharge and to use it to program for intentions or put a piece of paper under it with my intentions. I am so confused. What would be the real purpose for a Quartz Energy Generator?
    I am again so sorry for all these questions. But from all my research to learn to work with Crystals your method of cleansing and other information you have given sounds and feels right. I would really appreciate your advise.
    Thank you so much,

    1. Hi Mercy;
      There is no reason to put stones together in a bowl or pouch, as all stones are connected at all times through the energy field of the Earth. If you collect stones together, they should be stones you are drawn to working with. If you are only “drawn” to Selenite at this time, then only work with Selenite at this time. Even if you don’t feel a stone’s energy, that doesn’t mean that the stone is not emitting energy or that your energy field is not responding to it. It simply means that your conscious mind is not tuned into that channel. Any stone you choose will have some effect if you meditate with it consciously. Technically you can clear all of your stones at one time, but at first I would suggest working with one stone at a time in clearing so that you can develop your ability to perceive when a stone has cleared or not, before taking on an entire room.
      Sorry, I don’t understand what is meant by a “Quartz Energy Generator”. All Quartz crystals are oscillators that receive their energy from the Earth and Cosmic energies. All quartz, then, is a “generator”, so I can’t help you there.

      1. Thank you for you response Naisha, Will it be ok to put Crystals around the house. Even if your working with one or two specific Crystals will the others still bring some of their energies? Also the Crystal or Crystals that your drawn to at the present moment should you have it with you all the time? Last question you mentioned Clear Quartz is the most programmable does that mean it has all the properties of all Crystals?
        Thank you,

  2. If you have more than one of a crystal can you hold all in your hand at the same time when you meditate, or should you use them one at a time?

    1. It is always best to use your stones one-at-a-time until you have imprinted with its energy signature. After you’ve worked with each stone individually you can begin combining them if necessary. More is not better. 🙂

  3. Hello Naisha:
    Thank you for this very enlightening article. I am new to using crystals for healing and I am happy to say that I have had some great results – helped with insomnia, menopause and giving me a sense of well-being that I have not felt for a very long time due to certain tragedies in my life. So, I have a petrified wood “plate” on my night stand, on it I have a selenite charging “plate” (I bought this believing selenite charged or cleansed the crystals but I know better now); I also have a medium sized amethyst and other stones that have been programmed for certain intentions. So, do I use the vocal toning on all the crystals on my night stand at the same time or do I have to do each one individually? And does vocal toning work on the shungite stone?



    1. You can tone all of the stones at once to clear them. Sound vibration works on all stones. You will clear your programs every time you clear a stone, however, so you’ll have to go through the process of reprogramming your stones. Keep in mind that clear quartz is the most programmable and most effective mineral for programming. As you start adding in other chemical elements, the stone becomes more resistant to programming and is not as effective. So, I would clear whichever stones you have lined up, then use a single clear quartz crystal to program it with whatever intention you are holding.

  4. Hi Mercy;
    The earth contains all of the crystals there ever have been or ever will be. You are constantly in that energy field. So, technically, there is no way to be separate from the energy of any crystal on the planet. However, when you are meditating with a specific crystal it is best not to have any other stones within 4′ of you, as the proximity of that stone to you makes its energy more noticeable.
    I am not a believer in mindlessly “using” crystals by carrying them at all times. Meditating with a stone is a mindful, conscious way to interact with them and work with their energies. If you feel the need to carry a stone with you, then by all means do so, but I consider that to be an unconscious use of their energy.
    Clear quartz does not contain the energy of all crystals. It is most programmable because it contains the two most prevalent chemical elements on the planet– oxygen and silicon– and nothing else. It’s pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties facilitate its programming and it doesn’t contain other chemical elements that may be resistant to that programming.

    1. Hello Naisha, I’m a bit confused about Clear Quartz you said it is the most programmable, but does not contain the energy of all Crystals.
      I’m still trying to understand about programming. If there’s a need to program a Crystal. I would like to program for peace & harmony in my life, emotional & physical balance, I am in need of physical energy and lots of Guidance I am really all over the place. I am a worrier (have been working on it) and it doesn’t help I have a negative husband that I feel sometimes drains me mentally and emotionally. He is a good person but just doesn’t know how to let go of his pass. I wanted to see if there is also a way to help him with a specific Crystal. I also wanted to ask you. Following the advise from a store I purchased some Crystals from I was carry a Crystal pouch with Black Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Labradorite, Citrine, Smokey Quartz and a Carnelian.
      I stopped carry the pouch but went to pick it up to move it and it fell the Black Tourmaline broke into small pieces, the Rose Quart broke in half and the Citrine chipped. What should I do with the broken ones? Does that mean something? And can I still use or keep the broken pieces? I do feel very drawn to Selenite I wear a pendant one. I rarely read anyone drawn to Selenite. I had an experience wearing my Selenite which I found to be incredible to me I went to a store that has nothing to do with with Crystals and found a Selenite the only one there it’s almost the size of a soccer ball on an iron stand stamped on the bottom from Brazil ( I bought) It was unusual to me because it was on an isle that I had to intentions to go to. Not sure what that means? Also the other day I woke up and decided to put two small pendants together. Aventurine and Tigers eye together on a very thin long beading string. Where the stones are not visible when I wear them. I have no idea why I felt the need to do so. Wondering if both of those Crystals compliment each other? . Last question I promise doesn’t each Crystal already have their own properties and energy to help us. Why program them? Or put an intention which I think is the same thing as programming. Or am I confused about that? Still trying to learn.
      Sorry for asking so much just wanted to put it all out there and get your thoughts about all of it.. I am just trying to understand more about Crystals.
      Thank you I would appreciate your thoughts on all my questions.

      1. Hello! I am commenting on your statement about how much you’re drawn to selenite…I am the same way I have tons of it everywhere I can’t seem to get enough! I also have a pendant and earring that when I wear them I feel more “free and at peace” I swear by it! But I read someone else’s comment about selenite not clearing/cleansing other crystals, I have been under the impression that and have two 6″plates made of our selenite that I set all my everyday and favorite crystals in them… I’ve read so so many website starting that selenite DOES CLEAR/CLEANSE other crystals.,… So now I’m all confused do you use your selenite for something more specific???

      2. Sure, there are tons of websites out there that perpetuate that myth of Selenite cleansing other stones. It was born as a marketing tool and I was working the Tucson Gem & Mineral show when the story was first brought out by a Selenite dealer back in the early 1990s. Many people use Selenite like that, but it’s not really doing much. Selenite has its own properties that are very valuable when you’re interacting with the stone consciously. It’s just that it isn’t great for clearing other stones. 🙂

      3. Hi Mercy;

        There is no need to program any crystal. Crystals have their own unique energies and programming is entirely about making a crystal do what you want it to do. That is good in the case of programming a stone with peace, for instance, as that intention/energy is going to benefit the entire Gaia organism. Programming a crystal to win the lottery? Not so great. So, no, you don’t need to program a crystal.

        Broken stones are not functionally ‘broken’. In other words, you can continue using them. It is not a sign that they are ‘dead’ or no longer useable. I would simply clear them and continue to use them.

        I would simply recommend that you consciously engage your crystals, journal your experiences in meditation with them, and come to understand how each one is affecting you energetically over time.

  5. Very interesting article. How do you feel about using a tuning fork to assist crystal clearing? Any suggestions on tuning fork frequency or note??

    RE Master/slave paradigm – long before I got back into working with crystals, I began doing Hot Stone Massage. I found them to be amazing partners (not tools). But, in a conversation with a co-worker about Hot Stone Massage, he brought up the concept that the stones were “using” US to move them to where they would do the best healing. I LOVED that idea. It made sense. In thinking about this sometime later, I realized that my stones had me move them from Colorado where I took the class in 1999, back to Albuquerque where my practice was, to California in 2000 (where they sat under my bed for awhile) to my workplace in 2007. 10 years later THEY no longer wanted to be at that workplace. When I thought about them under my bed again, that felt wrong. Selling them would be like selling my grandmother. And then the idea popped up. I relinquished them from our partnership to bequeath them to a beloved massage therapist of mine. She is a kindred soul. So … if anyone is a slave, it’s me … to my stones! LOL

  6. What a nice article. I particularly enjoyed you talking about the importance of relationship with the crystals we share space with. I consider my crystals as friends whom I continue to get to know and love more deeply.
    Their care is my care. Our relationship is intrinsic and offered, not demanded. 🙂

  7. I’m afraid crystals do not oscillate unless an inverting power supply is applied and/or it is used in the feedback loop of an inverting signal amplifier. Even then, they need to be cut or formed to very specific and precise set of dimensions to create a resonant frequency and also must be physically supported in a very precise manner. Without all of these highly controlled forces and conditions applied, a crystal will not oscillate.

  8. I’ve found that playing a frequency that is resonant with a Chackra or Chackras that match the crystal directly retunes them! Be sure that the frequency is correct and don’t be deceived into using the wrong Chackra frequencies either! Each Chackra can have multiple resonant frequencies!

  9. programming means affecting stones aura vibes by your own , quartz is the most easy affectable gem. I think you dont need to wear it all the time but im sure you need to synchronize with all of your gems individualy.When i buy stones i always use only eyes and thinking to examine it by its color , shape or any other properties. By examinating it to yourself you sync with it, affecting it with your own individual aura(in smallest form it is actually your light affecting it and stones is affecting yours as we know macrocosm affects microcosm).You dont need to have a lot of crystals, instead i think having few and knowing more about them is better.

  10. Hello, I am curious about my stones and their quality. The have over time become a bit more “yellowish” and I am worried that I am not getting enough energy from them. an you recommend a solution to soak them in or possible some chimes I can incorporate into my routine with my crystals? – B.S.

  11. Haven’t finished looking at all the older comments yet, but am wanting to know if Shungite crystals get a different clearing treatment than other stones. (Also, just by the way, I was thrilled to see your correct usage of “its’ and “it’s” all through your commentary. I’m a grammar nerd, and hardly anyone knows how to use those words correctly.)

    1. Hi Lily;
      Shungite is a non-crystalline mineraloid, so it does not have the crystalline structure. In other words, it’s not a crystal. Because of that, it doesn’t interact with energy in the way I described here with other minerals and, especially, crystals. You can still use sound to clear it, as the impact of sound waves is still going to vibrate the material. It just isn’t quite the same thing. 🙂

      1. Thank you. Have you heard of burying Shungite in the Earth to ground it? Apparently the fullerenes can “fill up”, and need to be discharged.

  12. I just started learning about crystals. I like the concept of using sound to clear them. I can see how using a stereo might not work so well. However, I love heavy metal and frequently go to shows. What about taking some stones to my metal shows? It’s incredibly loud, very, very high energy and also one of the times I’m at my happiest. So for me, it’s a lot of very powerful, but positive energy. Could this work to charge my stones?

    1. Any loud sound could conceivably clear your stones, Christine. But, the point of developing our relationship with crystals is to build conscious interaction with them, where you are working with them– not just using them. Because of that, I always recommend consciously clearing your stones so that you can tell when they are cleared. Not all frequencies are going to work on all stones, there’s no “one size fits all” sound that is going to work for all of them. 🙂

  13. Hi, I hope this doesn’t sound comical, but I am new to crystals and I just finished reading the article about clearing them with sound. I go to church every Sunday and the music is VERY LOUD. Would this work effectively to clean my crystals?

  14. Hello, one of the comments said she bought selenite to charge crystals before she realized it was not necessary. What are your thoughts on selenite or other crystals (like citrine) to cleanse other crystals? Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Nicole;
      Using one type of crystal to clear or charge another crystal doesn’t work. The simple reasons being as follows: 1) Clearing a crystal requires that you reset that stone to IT’S base resonant frequency. This can’t be done by another crystal because another crystal will have a different base resonant frequency than the stone being cleared. 2) Charging stones is only necessary if the stones have not been properly cleared and returned to their base resonant frequency. If they are properly cleared and vibrating where they ought, they automatically receive all of the energy they can use (and more!) from the Earth’s energy field.
      Hope that helps!

      1. Thank you so much! That really does help. I bought a tuning fork to retune my crystals but how do I know how often to do it?

  15. Hello Naisha,
    I was wondering what is your views on Orgone/Organite
    Does it really work and what about the Crystals added to them.

    Thank you,

  16. Hi Naisha! I found your article to be very helpful. My husband and I just got into healing with crystals and I have a question about 136.1hz tunning forks. The vibration appears to be strong, and with intention, I believe that this tuning fork could clear our crystals. My husband said that it is not loud enough and would not do a good job. May we have some advice on this situation? I want a quick method for now (2 small children/house to take care of/too many crystals) and will probably move into vocal toning in the future. I wanted to just purchase a gong or higher frequency tuning fork but hubby doesn’t want to spend money before getting professional advice.
    -Thank you, Kathy.

    1. Hi Kathy;
      High frequency isn’t necessary. High amplitude is. So, it is more important that it be loud than high frequency. High frequency does not clear crystals, necessarily. Vocal toning is more responsive and effective, but you do need to be relatively loud. Drumming is great, or any tool that creates a strong reverbration. 🙂

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