The 30 Day Crystal Diet

It may seem strange that someone known for teaching about the fabulous energy, healing and spiritual benefits of crystals would recommend going on a crystal diet. But, I do. There are a lot of reasons that curbing your over-consumption of crystal energy could be beneficial for both you and your crystal allies.

A 30 day crystal diet will help you to recalibrate your energy, reconnect to crystals in a more meaningful way, and stop using them in an addictive manner.

A crystal diet doesn’t mean that you stop using crystals altogether, but it does mean that you’ll use them only in mindful interaction.

What are some signs that you might need to go on a crystal diet? 

1. You feel “naked” if you don’t have your bra or pockets full of crystals, or if you are not wearing gemstone jewelry.

2. You have a hard time getting your energy level up unless you get a “crystal hit” or “get stoned” on your crystals.

3. You carry, wear or sleep with multiple crystals on a daily basis.

4. You rarely meditate with a single stone, but often pile up on stones for meditation, sleep or daily wear.

What are the benefits of going on a 30 day crystal diet? 

1. Healing addiction or dependence on stones for your energy. Yes, you can become addicted to crystals when you use them unconsciously for long periods of time to “support” your energy, but you don’t actually address the healing of your energy issues directly. This is like someone being addicted to coffee for an energy boost, without ever addressing their terrible diet, exercise, or energy hygiene directly. Any addiction is an imbalance, and just because you may be addicted to stones doesn’t make it O.k. In fact, it can be a form of energy vampirism. When you go on a crystal diet, you’ll be able to address your energy issues directly, without artificial energy supports. This will ensure that when you do engage them, you’re doing it in an aligned way.

2. Build real relationship with your stones. When you are constantly using multiple stones in an unconscious manner (carrying or sleeping with them, but not meditating or working with them consciously), you are not building real realtionship with your crystalline teachers, but are instead simply using them as energy slaves. This isn’t right relationship with the mineral kingdom. By honoring your crystal teachers by working with them singly and intentionally, you can learn much more about yourself and them.

3. Recognize which stones are creating which effects.  When you are constantly “loaded for bear” and carrying many different stones together, it makes it very difficult to know which stones are having which effects. Sure, you have someone elses’ opinion that they’ve written in a book or online about the stones’ properties, but you aren’t going to be able to understand how they are working with you personally if you mix them all together. This is like taking a hand full of pills. You don’t know which one made you see the pink elephant. You might want to see that pink elephant again. By going on a crystal diet, you’ll be able to gain clarity on what each stone specifically is teaching you.

Preparing for the 30 day Crystal Diet

1. Clear all of the stones out from within 4′ (or a little over a meter) around your bed. Also ensure you don’t have any strays in your pillow cases, under pillows, under your bed, or in your sheets. You’ll be sleeping alone for the next 30 days. Well, without stones, at least. Why? The 4′ radius is the “hot zone” of your aura, including both your heart and brain electromagnetic fields. Keeping this zone clear of stones will ensure your energy has a chance to reset during your most restful time.

2. Clear a meditation area where you won’t have stones within 4′ of you during meditation. If you have a regular meditation area that is loaded with stones in the room, you may choose to relocate for meditation during this 30 day period, and use that room as your “stone room” where you can store everything until you are ready to re-engage them. Why? You’ll be engaging only one stone a day during the diet, so that means needing to ensure that you don’t have any other stones influences within the hot zone of your energy field while you are meditating. This ensures that the experiences you are having are related to the single stone you are engaging, without too much back ground “noise”.

3. Remove and clear all crystal or gemstone jewelry. You can wear metals such as gold and silver, but no stones as jewelry during your diet period. Why? Again, this is to ensure that the energy you are engaging is that of the single stone you are working with, without other stone energies confusing the issue.

4. Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of pure water each day, containing a colloidal trace mineral source. Yes, that is a lot of water. If you weigh 140 lbs, you will be drinking 70 ounces of water (a little over a gallon) each day. In that water, you’ll want to use a colloidal trace mineral supplement from natural sources, such as Concentrace Trace Mineral Drops from Trace Minerals Research. Why? Your ability to effectively resonate with crystals and minerals depends upon having healthy levels of bio-available minerals and trace minerals in your body. If you have proper mineral balance, your body will be able to easily resonate with external crystals and minerals, and information exchange will be enhanced. Drinking this large amount of water will flush toxins from your body and rehydrate you. Adding proper amounts of colloidal minerals will ensure you don’t become demineralized, and that you have a good variety of trace elements in your human crystal. No crystals in your water, please!

5. Establish a daily meditation practice in the morning. This should be the same meditation or meditation technique each day. For instance, if you’re going to practice mindful meditation, practice it each day in the morning before doing anything else– even before eating or getting dressed. Why? By practicing the same exact meditation every single day, you establish a baseline for your energy and practice. This means you’ll be doing the same thing, at the same time and vibrating with the same basic energy each time. When you then add a crystal to the mix, it will be readily apparent the effects of the crystal versus the general effects of the meditation.

6. Practice Crystal Immersion. This means working with only one stone each day (or the same stone for multiple days), and only working with it during meditation or during mindful attention periods throughout the day (no carrying or sleeping with the stone). Why? By working with only one stone at a time, you will be able to attune to its energy mindfully and therefor be more aware of its unique effects on your human crystal. By only engaging it during meditation and/or mindful awareness periods, you will give yourself time to integrate the energy shifts without the stone present. This is key for helping your energy to reset and heal, as well as allowing you to understand the more physical effects the stone may be having on your body. These effects tend to show up after meditation, in the periods of time when the energy is integrating. Crystal immersion is a key practice on the path of the crystal initiate that I teach.

The 30 Day protocol

Day 1-3: Going cold turkey. No stones. none. Do your daily meditation in the morning, drink your water, and deal with any conscious addiction thoughts or stone cravings that arise by journaling about them. Connect with the Earth’s energy (which, by the way, contains all of the crystals on the planet) through grounding practice. This initial period of being stoneless will help you to recognize if you have, in fact, developed a dependency instead of a conscious relationship with your stones. The grounding and detox of the meditation and water regimens will help your energy to reset to your base resonant frequency.

Day 4-9: Grounding Stones. On days 4-9, choose one stone each day (it can be the same one for the full 5 days, but not more than one stone per day) that is — for you– a grounding stone. Hold that stone in your left hand (it doesn’t matter if you are right or left handed) during your morning meditation. Journal your experience after coming out of meditation. At least once more during the day, engage the stone for 5-10 minutes in mindful attention. It doesn’t have to be a full-on meditation (though that is best), but can just be holding the stone while noticing its energy. no television or computers involved, please. Mindful means you are present with the stone.

On these days, you can use any stone that allows you to feel more grounded in your energy. Grounding is the process of completing an electrical circuit with the Earth. Without proper grounding, we don’t have access to the full spectrum of energy emitted by the Earth, and so we become imbalanced in energy and body. This healing period ensures you are getting the proper spectrum and amount of energy from the Earth’s EMF.

Suggestions: Hematite, lodestone, Pyrite, iron/nickel meteor

Day 10-15: Cleansing and clearing stones.

This purification period supports the physical detox and clearing you are doing with the water protocol, by helping any stuck energy or old patterns to be released. Again, choose one stone per day that is cleansing or clearing for you. You can use the same stone for multiple days or change every day, but don’t use more than one stone each day. Meditate with the stone in the morning and carry the stone throughout the day. Again, journal about your experiences after meditation, or if anything significant comes up during the day about things you need to release or clear from your human crystal.

Suggestions: Shungite, Black Tourmaline, Jet, Black Tektite

Day 15-20: Emotional soothing & balancing stones. 

This five day period is for hitting the reset button on your emotional body. During this time, we’ll want to focus on those stones that are soothing to the emotional body– not those that bring up your biggest emotional issues. The key here is to get yourself out of stress/fight or flight mode and into relaxation/healing and repair mode. So, if you know certain stones calm and soothe you on an emotional level, feel free to engage them– again, by meditating with one per day, carrying the stone with you throughout the day (if you are drawn to do so) and sleeping with that stone at night (if desired). If you become emotional during this time, put the stone aside until you are feeling more balanced. More is not necessarily better.

Suggestions: Rose Quartz, Sugilite, Rhodochrosite

Day 20-25: Creativity and passion stones. 

Now that we’ve got the energy systems grounded and cleared, and the emotional body soothed and refreshed, it’s time to start gently increasing the levels of physical and creative energy. Doing this before soothing the emotions and grounding your energy can create stress, increased irritation and anger, and nervousness. This is why we wait until week 3 to do this work. If you’ve done the other work prior to this, this phase should result in increased physical energy and stamina, creative energy and an ability to take action on co-creating your reality.

Choose your creativity and passion stones to work with this week, and continue to meditate with one a day, carry it with you, and sleep with it (if desired). If you find yourself getting too “fiery”, then put the stone aside for awhile and don’t sleep with it. Journal your experiences, so that you can keep track of what inspired, creative new directions you’re being asked to take, as well as those things that are perhaps creating more stress and annoyance in your life than you would like. In addition to your daily water intake, it is important to exercise during this phase to ensure that any excess energy is expended in a constructive way. Otherwise, you may find yourself reacting to things excessively, or taking out irritation on those around you. Any exercise that makes you sweat is O.k.

Suggestions: Vanadinite, natural citrine, calcite, sunstone

Day 26-28: Brain stimulators. 

Many people think of these as the more “spiritual” or “high frequency” stones because they stimulate the 3rd eye, psychic awareness, meditation, communion with guides, etc. In reality, they are brain stimulators– and it is certainly possible to have too much of a good thing in this case. We’ll be working with these for three days only, to prevent space-out and going back into energy imbalance or “bubble head” mode.

Work with your favorite stimulators during meditation only– then set them aside. We want to gently stimulate the upper chakras– not trip. If you like, you can sleep with the stone, but do not carry it throughout the day. There needs to be time for integration of these busier energies without hyper-stimulation of the mental level.

Suggestions: Amethyst, Selenite, Moldavite

Day 29 & 30: Amplification- Clear Quartz Only

On these final two days of the diet, you’re going to amplify your energy field to increase the “loudness” of your energy. You’ll do this by using clear quartz crystals exclusively. You’ll want six of them to create a primary grid. They don’t need to be large, but should all be about the same size. Plus, you’ll want a seventh quartz crystal to hold in your hand. Again, it doesn’t have to be large, but it doesn’t matter if it is the same size as the others. Natural, unpolished quartz crystals are best. There is no benefit to using double terminated quartz over single terminated quartz for this exercise.

For your morning meditation, set the six quartz crystals around you with the terminations pointing in toward you. You will be in the center of a rough crystal circle. Hold the seventh crystal in your hand with the termination of the crystal pointing up your left arm toward your heart. Do your meditation and focus upon expanding your energy field, drawing energy into the grid on the inhalation, and expanding your energy outward on the exhalation. Don’t try to make your energy bigger, just allow it to become bigger as you draw energy in from the grid and breathe it out.

You can carry the clear quartz you held in your hand throughout the day. Sleep in the grid at night, with the single crystal in your left hand. You can slip the stones for the grid under your bed, or between your box spring and mattress, if your bed partner protests having rocks in the bed.

That’s it! After your 30 day diet, you’re going to be clearer, refreshed and reset on an energetic level. You can now begin working with any other stones you like, but I do encourage you to continue doing it mindfully and one or two at a time, unless you are creating a special meditation with many at once. You’ll find an enhanced connection with the mineral kingdom and with your own inherent energy. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “The 30 Day Crystal Diet”

  1. Thank you so much for this information. I always felt the need to take periodic breaks from crystals and stones but didn’t understand why I felt that way since I am so passionate about Crystal healing. It finally makes sense now so thank you!

  2. I noticed when I had become dependent, so I love this article. Since you mentioned the mineral colloidal solution, I’d like your opinion on a situation from an energy perspective, and as you are comfortable, biological.

    I am diagnosed with severe zinc deficiency (along with leaky gut and oxidative stress and high cadmium – other minerals normal). Prior to testing, I had been working with a lot of copper stones, and pure copper (have now stopped due to inverse relationship with zinc and also taking zinc supplements). Since I got the dx, I am avoiding crystals with copper although I love copper and copper crystals. Can you think of a crystal regimen that would help with zinc deficiency and high cadmium?

    I have a broad variety of crystals including zincite, but I am not feeling drawn to work with them for some reason. Actually the only crystals drawing me now are SiO2 crystals. How much do entraining/holding crystal minerals actually affect what we carry in our fluids and tissue?
    Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you as always.

    1. HI Virginia;
      This is a question that requires way more explanation than I am able to go into here. I can say that there is no evidence that I know of that shows that the actual physical chemical levels are changed in the body through crystal healing. On an energy level, there is plenty of evidence that the body reacts to the vibration of the chemical elements in stones as if there were a physical change, both while the stones are actually on the physical body and for a short time after they are removed. This is why crystal healing can affect someone’s symptoms created by chemical imbalance, though it will not correct the imbalance itself.

      Through analysis of crystal healing sessions, you can get a pretty good idea of what the body is calling for as far as mineral energies, and this has been proven out through clients receiving mineral tests following sessions that show imbalances that were indicated by the stones used in their session. However, as energy therapists we can neither diagnose nor treat physical imbalances or diseases.

      I find the analysis of chemical elements in a session to be very revealing. It is not, however, intuitive. In other words, it is not necessarily the case that the chemical element that appears in the largest quantity in a session is the most active in that session. This is all Crystal Resonance Therapy level stuff that you haven’t had yet, and it is not simple to explain in this venue.

      So, no, holding a crystal or stone does not affect the actual level of the chemical elements in your body, but I do believe it can cause your brain to believe there is more of that chemical element and to cause the body to respond accordingly. This theory comes from my clinical work, not from scientific process, but it certainly pans out in practice.

      If you do not have enough zinc in your body, you would not necessarily resonate with zinc bearing crystals. There would not be a strong basis for resonance there because you are physically lacking that element. This has to be addressed medically and dietarily. Stones can support the process of healing by helping with the symptoms of imbalance and helping you gain clarity on that imbalance, but they are not going to affect the physical, mechanical processes in the body which are fulfilled by those chemical elements.

  3. Great read, I’ve felt that I have been needing to do something like this. I answered yes to all of the first questions….lol. Crystals found me in a very stressful part of my life, I definitely believe they have helped guide me through, but I definitely feel I’ve become dependent on them and don’t know which Crystal has been doing what. Think it’s time for me to truly get to know each one.

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