Naisha Ahsian is author of The Crystal Ally Cards:The Crystal Path to Self Knowledge; The Little Book of Infinite Abundance: A 30 Day Course in Healing Abundance Consciousness; and co-author of The Book of Stones: Who They Are and What They Teach.

She is Director of Crystalis Institute for Personal & Planetary Transformation, and an internationally respected teacher of vibrational healing and spiritual growth. Naisha is the creator of the Crystal Resonance Therapy and Primus Activation Healing Technique vibrational healing modalities.

Naisha is also Editor at Crystal Resonance Magazine: A Journal of Crystal Healing Modalities

“We are in a time of massive change, when spiritual growth and awareness are more important than ever. I believe that these times call for a maturation in our spiritual beliefs and healing processes, that includes divesting ourselves of the limitations of old paradigm beliefs that have proved unfounded, while celebrating those aspects of our spiritual heritage that continue to be valuable. New understanding is necessary for these times, and the exploration of new ideas and viewpoints is critical as we evolve.”

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Naisha,

    I’m a life reporter from the University of Texas in Arlington, and I had some questions about healing crystals. I was hoping to find someone to educate me about it and tell me about their experience.


    Renee Yan (runhua.yan@mavs.uta.edu)

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The Spirit and Science of Crystals with Naisha Ahsian

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